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Electronic Payment Systems, Inc.

About Us

Retail Software Solutions

A Company Dedicated to the Retail Industry

Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) is headquartered near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been in the software development business since 1982.  In 1993 EPS completed development of a retail management solution.  The EPS retail management solution serves retailers of all sizes from gift shops and delis to grocery stores and home improvement chains. 

Whatever the size of your retail business, EPS has a system for you!


Systems Features

The hardware is as familiar as your home computer.  EPS uses standard PC computers and non-proprietary industry hardware allowing you to choose personal computers, scanners, scanner/scales, printers, displays, keyboards and cash drawers. A truly open system built with “off-the- shelf” components, a system from EPS is more economical, dependable and serviceable than other systems. Plus, repairs can be handled in-house, by local companies or by EPS.  The choice is yours!


The operating system is easy to use.  Retail management solutions from EPS are built on a common database structure and the Windows® operating system for added security.  The familiarity of a common interface shortens the learning curve and provides greater flexibility in extracting and formatting data. Print functional reports that show the whole management picture or export data files without compatibility issues.  The system is user-friendly.


Support is provided every step of the way.  EPS will assist you with the installation of equipment, wiring, software setup, and training in order to have the smoothest possible “no down time” transition to your new system.  Checklists, specifications and time lines are provided to help with wiring and physical modifications.  Software training is tailored to fit each retail operation. On-site support is available after the “go live” time to assure a smooth transition.


Training is fast and easy. Training is fast because learning is easy.  The menus and on-screen directions guide the user through each process and explain, step by step, how to complete a task.  Compared to the old way of key sequence memorization and flip charts, which could take months to learn, the average computer user learns the EPS system in just hours.


A software support plan is available that provides 24/7 support and software updates.  Subscribe to the enhanced support plan and enjoy the quick service of 24/7 telephone support. Call the toll-free support line to talk with a qualified technician who handles the problem immediately. The technician, if needed, can remotely access the store’s server, view the problem, and guide the user through the problem, usually within minutes.  And, the support plan includes free software upgrades to keep the system current with the latest features.