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Advantages of Loyalty Marketing
 Acknowledge and Reward Loyal Customers

Recognize and reward loyal customers.  For example, customers who spend over a pre-determined amount are offered points or rebates for satisfying specific spending criteria. 

Show customers their savings.  For example, print the customer’s accumulated promotion points, accumulated spending totals, average spending per week, or year-to-date or lifetime savings on the bottom of the receipt.

 Link Cards

Link multiple “frequent shopper” cards to one account.  Purchase history and totals of all cards are recorded to one account.  Replace lost cards and link customer history to the new card.  Issue cards to spouses and children yet keep one family history.

 Customize Promotions Based on Demographic Information

Setup and track information on family members including pets, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Birthdays and other date sensitive information automatically adjust as years pass.  Print reports and generate mailing labels for mailings.  Send your most loyal customers a gift certificate for a dozen roses on their birthday, for example.

 Differentiate Specific Customers

Identify a customer by spending level, shopping frequency rate, demographics or by specific products purchased or not purchased.  Then, tailor a promotion to that specific customer or group of  customers.

Offer selective customers unique prices on selected items.

Reward a free item to certain customers if they spend a certain amount of money AND purchase a specified item.

Automatically print a barcode for a future coupon on the receipt for select customers offering a discount on a multi-pack or larger size when the smaller size is purchased.

 Increase Purchases of Secondary Customers

Identify the occasional shopper according to shopping frequency or spending level and promote for conversion to primary customers. 

Direct methods of promotion to this group include automatic discounts or coupons on the receipt at the time of checkout if the customer reaches pre-determined thresholds ($10 coupon for spending $100, for example). 

Or, setup a program to automatically offer a coupon every time a customer reaches a certain spending level ($5 coupon for every $75 spent) with their up to the minute accumulated spending totals printed on the bottom of the receipt.

 Identify and Regain “Lost” Customers

Print a call sheet or email “lost” customers and offer them special incentives. 

Specifically target this group with special prices on selected items to entice them back into the store.

 Attract New Customers

Promote the benefits of belonging to a “frequent shopper” program by showing the customer what they “could have saved” if they had used a frequent shopper card. 

Offer a first time savings promotion for a first shopping trip to show a customer the advantages of the frequent shopper card.

Create a Loyal Customer Base

Front-end loyalty marketing is accomplished through a card-based “frequent shopper” program.  The frequent shopper program allows you to track sales by customer in order to offer promotions to select groups of customers or segments of customers.  Promotions can be based on purchase amount, profitability, frequency of purchase, or improved/decreased purchase activity.  Loyalty programs reward your regular customers and reduce the defection ratio of your best customers. 

No Third Party Database is Needed!

The fully integrated in-house database captures and stores all customer transaction data.  Create drill-down or data mining reports down to the UPC level. All customer data is owned by the store, unlike outside vendor who collect the data and charge a fee for reports generated from the data.