Easy to use front-end functions assist with control, accountability, and flexibility.  Consistent excellent customer service levels are easier to obtain with cashier messaging, guided procedures, and prompts.  A retail management system from EPS is more than just a cash register.  It is a tool that will help you better control your business.

 Dual Display Monitors

Two monitors, one facing the customer and one facing the cashier, allows the display of different messages depending on the user type.

Customer Monitor

A large color monitor displays the last eight transaction entries to the customer along with full color pictures showing advertised specials, store promotions, or outside advertising.  Control these messages from the store, a corporate office, or an outside agency.

Cashier Monitor

Display customer ranking codes, cashier reminders, and specific customer comments such as the current customer prefers paper bags.  Or, help the Loss Prevention Team by reminding the cashier that the current customer commonly “forgets” to remove everything from the bottom of the cart or to look for empty bags of candy, etc., consumed while shopping.

 Check Writing Ability

Give the customer the choice to have the terminal print the check (including store name, date and amount of transaction).

 Customer Comment Prompts

Place up to six lines of comments regarding the current customer on the cashier monitor (out of the customer’s view).  Control when the prompt appears— at card scanning or time of payment.  Use this feature to communicate with the customer or remind the cashier of special circumstances.

 Customer Ranking Boxes

Give your front-end managers more on-the-spot information, allowing them to make more customer specific decisions.  The cashier monitor can display up to four coded messages.  Let the cashier/front-end manager know the current customer’s decile ranking.  Indicate that the customer is one of the best 100 customers for the store.  Show whether or not the customer has been actively shopping for a certain period, or you can show if the customer was awarded a “free turkey”, for example, during the Thanksgiving turkey promotion.  Now, when the over-the-limit indication box appears, the front-end manager has the information needed to decided whether or not to allow the discounts on the items or enforce the posted limits. 

 Price Look Up (PLU) Capability

Check price, department, etc. of any item at any terminal with the PLU Look Up Key in the middle of a transaction or if the terminal is locked up.  Pop-up PLU tables display or a menu of PLU numbers.

 Floating Cashiers                                                         

Move a cashier from one lane to another while maintaining accountability of the sales rung at each lane by each cashier.

 Auto Lock Feature

Terminals can lock automatically after a pre-determined length of inactivity.

 Suspend/Resume Sale

Suspend a sale anytime during the order and retrieve the sale at any other lane at a later time.  This is ideal for when a wallet or purse is forgotten!

 Reprint Receipt Capability

Reprint a customer’s receipt—either on a paper receipt tape or on the cashier display.

 Receipt Graphics

Easily add the store logo or any other image to the receipt header.  Also, add graphics to Echo/Trigger promotional coupons to attract attention to the promotion and increase response.

 Call Desk Function

Allow cashier and supervisors to send and retrieve pre-determined messages between lanes and the courtesy desk.

 Bottle Deposit Link

Link bottle deposits to any item requiring a deposit and charge it automatically.

 Age Prohibit Prompt

Enforce age restrictions on items such as cigarettes and alcohol.  Simply enter the customer’s birth date and let the computer do the math as to whether the customer is allowed to purchase the item or not.  Or, simply enter the override code for the “obvious” of age customers.  All override codes/birth dates entered are stored for cashier accountability.

 Not On file Record

Any item scanned and not found on file automatically generates a “new item” slip a the end of the order.  The slip includes the amount and department keyed for the item, along with a space for the cashier to fill in a brief description.

 Online Functions Offline

Lane terminals continue to operate normally with no loss of data when offline.  Prices, prompts, and customer data are retained and updated to the server when back on line.  No inconvenience to the customer.

 Crash Recovery Feature

In the event of a power loss or failure, transactions are returned to their original state once power is restored.

 Check Cashing Charge

Se the system to automatically charge for checks cashed over the amount of the order based on the amount of the check.

 Sales Detail Report

Reproduce any electronic journal transaction by cashier identification number, lane, drawer number and/or date.  The electronic journal also provides information including voids, returns, coupons processed, manual overrides and payment types.  In addition, customers are identified by name if a “frequent shopper” card was used during the transaction.  The server stores records indefinitely!  Give the local small business such as a day care a yearly report for their records, showing every item’s UPC, description, price, date & time of purchase for the past year.

 Cashier Monitoring

Monitor a specific cashier’s transactions form another terminal on site, in the back office, or remotely from another location.

 Cashier Coupon Reporting

View a ranking for review of cashier information including the number of coupons processed for a given date range.  This report shows cashier coupon redemption compared to your store’s average in dollar mount and percentage of order total.

 Cashier Void Reporting

Provide a ranking/review of cashiers by number of voids processed for a given date range, providing dollar mount or percentage of order comparisons based on the store average.

 Security Override Reporting

Provide a report of cashier/manager security privilege code use for a specified date range showing the number of times a specified manager over-rode a security privilege such as a negative sale, coupon limit, or voided transaction.





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