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Gain the powerful advantages of an in-house loyalty marketing program and watch your profits soar!

Electronic Discounts

Automatically award paperless deductions to card holders at the register at the time of purchase without cashier intervention.

Predetermine the discount criteria to match promotions or shopping habits.  For example, if ground beef normally sells for $2.69/lb, all premium level card holders can purchase it for $1.99/lb for a specific period.

Better yet, expand a primary customer’s purchase list by offering discounts related to regularly purchased items.

Accumulative Purchase Program

Electronically track accumulated customer purchases by dollar or points over a defined period.  For example, a five week “Christmas in July” program awards gift certificates based on the total purchases during that period.  For example, if the customer spends $600, he gets a $60 gift certificate.  If the customer spends $750, he gets an $80 gift certificate.

The system prints the real-time running totals on the bottom of the customer’s receipt including the current purchase.  When the program ends, the system will print out mailing labels and gift certificates.

Free Item with Minimum Purchase

Get customers to spend more money with a free item with a minimum purchase.  Define the items offered   and the minimum purchase amount.  The system automatically credits the card holder when the amount is reached.  For example, the customer receives a free liter of soda with a $15.00 minimum purchase.

“Free Turkey” Program

This promotion encourages increased spending and helps the store determine its turkey order from its vendor.  During a defined period, track accumulated customer purchases then reward those customers who met the goal.  For example, in the four weeks before Thanksgiving give those customers who achieve the spending goal a coupon for a “Free Turkey”.

Third Party Redemption Program

Build customer loyalty and foster community involvement by donating to a favored organization or charity.  Determine the donation amount by tracking a customer’s purchases over a specific period.  A store defined percentage of their total purchase amount is donated to the pre-designated organization.

The system tracks the total purchases for each organization and prints statements showing total customer purchases and the amount due to each organization.

Lottery Program

This is a great way to increase shopping frequency!  Define random winning times per hour, day, week, or promotional period in which customers are rewarded with a prize.  For example, a retailer could give away three boxes of cookies an hour between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm each day and once a day, a free cart of groceries.


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